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Published Articles and Lectures provided in 2007 - 2010 (excerpt):

  • Fakes and Product Piracy in Asia  - Trends, Conclusions, Strategies Koenigswinter/Bonn March 2007;

  • How to Build and Protect a Brand, New York, April 2007;

  • Product Liability USA - An Overview, Eschborn, September 2007;

  • The Relationship between the Local Organizing Committee at Olympic Games and the IOC - Role of the International Sporting Goods Industry/Rights, Chances and Opportunities, Moscow February 2008;

  • China after Beijing 2008 - Extended Work Bench for the World or Global Player, Berlin, April 2008;

  • Webscreening as new Technology Tool in the Fight against Trademark Misuse and Product Piracy, Wolfsburg, May 2008;

  • Licensing Agreements in Technology, Istanbul, June 2008;

  •  Brand and Technology Protection/Enforcement, Istanbul, June 2008;

  • Current Status  and Trends of the Sporting Goods Industry in Europe, Seoul, October 2008;

  • Realization of License Projects/Negotiation Tactics, London November 2008;

  • Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights in Sports, Mannheim, July 2009;

  • Eco-Labels - Two Sides of a Green Coin, Lausanne, October 2009;

  • The Value of Written Agreements - Intercultural Differences and Views of a European, Garnished with some Legal Aspects, Taipei, October 2009;

  • How Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Acquire Competitive Technology, Istanbul, January 2010;

  • Trade Restrictions and Protectionist Measures, Hong Kong, February 2010;

  • Mediation and Arbitration as Alternative Tools to Settle Disputes between Licensor and Licensee, Munich, February 2010;

  • Franchising as a Business Model, Ljubljana April 2010;

  • How to Negotiate a Franchising Agreement, Ljubljana April 2010;

  • The Green Agenda at the Core of the Green Economy: Olympic Partners Show the Way, Doha, Mai 2011