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 Law Office Dr. Jochen M. Schaefer








  • You are searching  for high quality and professional external legal (online) advice which matches the needs of your company's operational business?

  • You are searching  for  an external legal advisor, who  knows companies not only from his office desk, but who is familiar with how industries tick and operate?

  • You are searching  for  an external lawyer who knows how to present to you highly complex legal issues in a clear and transparent manner, where you as a decision maker and manager understand the rational behind his recommendations and legal work?

  • You are searching  for  a legal advisor with long-term practical field experience both at domestic and international level covering all five continents of this globe, who is capable to accompany your operational international business in a solution-oriented, 'lean' and creative manner?

  • You are searching  for  legal advice, which is pro-active and risk-reducing in its focus and which does not only start when problems already occured?

  •  You are searching  for  a legal advisor, who has a global network of contacts, in-depth  professional knowledge and know how to e.g. draft and negotiate international agreements to best serve your company's operational business objectives?

  • You are searching  for  a lawyer, with whom you can get in touch at any time online (and whom you can of course also meet in person), who will remain available for you as your prime contact point?  


If yes, just contact me at: 


                      E-mail:           sj@sjlegal.de

                Mobile:       + 49 -  (0)151-1640 79 32

                Tel.:            + 49 -  (0)8106-37 3-41

                Fax:            + 49 -  (0)8106 - 37 72 3-59 


                 Am Kapellenberg 21

                 D-85604 Zorneding

                 (Munich Region)